When you decide to create your own projects you are in complete control – which is both good and bad. The good should be pretty obvious – you have the freedom to express yourself without creative constraints. A producer working for a developer or publisher is not ultimately responsible for the look and feel of a game – this is the collective work of the designers, artists and programmers at the developer. The producer will have input and have the power to make decisions on what stays and goes but by-and-large a producer will be applying what I call a quality filter – the actual content may not be to their liking or interest, but they will be looking for the game to satisfy a certain quality level. When it’s your project (and your money) another filter is applied – the preference filter. Without taking regular stock of the situation you can find that the preference filter stifles the flow of a project as almost every aspect comes under close scrutiny if it’s not to your exact liking. My advice – apply the preference filter sparingly. Quality will satisfy everyone, but your preference may only satisfy yourself.