A game can be broken into its parts. Truly great games are always greater than the sum of their parts – but they always start from a base of each part being created to the highest quality. Of course, making each part of your game high quality doesn’t guarantee it will be great, but your game will never be great if you sacrafice quality on any aspect. I’m going to divert from games here for a moment (but since it’s zombie related I don’t feel too guilty). Here’s a tee shirt I purchased last year:

I loved this tee shirt. Everything about the design, look and finish was amazing. But the material used for the actual tee shirt was so poor that within a very short period of time holes began to appear. My attachment was so great I contemplated keeping it just as a keepsake – but in the end I just binned it. To conclude – if you are going to put so much effort into creating something great, why neglect an aspect that undermines the entire work?