Anyone else looking forward to Team Ico’s next game, Last Guardian? Yup, me to. Do you know what’s going to happen when this game is released? That’s right, the ‘are games art?’ debate is going to come out from under the stairs. This debate has been raging for years now. For me, games are art if you consider them to be – that should be enough, be happy with yourself that you are enjoying art and then move on. But some need to make sure others realise it’s art too – which I think is why this debate won’t ever get killed off. Earlier today I started thinking about an article I’d read on Gamasutra years ago that summed things up pretty nicely. The article was written by Jim Preston (who I think is still at EA) and he made a valiant effort to slay the beast once and for all. In a nut-shell; ignore the debate because people do not realise art when they see it anyway – the context in which something is presented (i.e. you put it in a museum) does more to convince people that something is in fact a piece of art. Which is silly. The Arty Party by Jim Preston [Gamasutra, 2008]