This time last year I didn’t have any experience of Flash or AS3. Like anything new, it can be hard to get started if you don’t start off on the right foot. Well, I will give you five right feet to start with! These are five sites that I’ve used in the past and visit regularly for updates.

Michael James Williams
This should be your first port of call if you are a complete beginner. The Avoider Game tutorial will take you through the complete development cycle for a simple AS3 Flash game and covers all the major aspects of developing AS3 games. There are also other tutorials which build on top of Avoider Game so you can turn it into a shmup, for instance. All the tutorials are very well written so you shouldn’t run into any brick walls.

Emanuele Feronato
After you’ve gotten to grips with how Flash works be sure to check out Emanuele’s site – he has a very good range of AS3 tutorials covering a lot of topics. There’s even a tutorial for a basic Plants Vs. Zombies type game.

This site comes in two flavours, free and premium. If you subscribe to premium content you will get access to tutorials that show you how to make complete games, amongst other things. If you don’t choose to subscribe you still get access to some pretty useful tutorials – which are great if you just want to use something for a project you are already working on.
Should you get stuck on anything AS3 related you will find this site helpful. While the site does contain tutorials I usually use it for the active forums, where you can ask a question and get it answered pretty quickly. After a few months of AS3 you’ll be able to start answering other people’s questions!
You’ll be able to find all the official documentation for Flash and AS3 here. While it doesn’t have tutorials for games, you will be able to see detailed information on each aspect of coding in AS3, so it’s very useful if you are unsure of how a particular method or property works.