I wasn’t really considering sponsorship for my Flash game – but after reading Emanuele Feronato’s post about experimentation with monetizing Flash games it seems like a really good way to generate some money for the work put in. Obviously, he made his games in 3 hours (not 8 months…and counting) but still, something is better than nothing. My original plan was to dunk it on Kongregate and let people enjoy, of course I still plan on doing this – but MochiAds and sponsorship seem like an opportunity not to be missed. For sponsorship, rather than submitting to portals individually you can use flashgamelicense.com – this site puts your game in front of a wide range of sponsors who are sent daily summaries of newly available games. If they like what they see they bid on your game. My game isn’t ready for this stage yet, but now I am aware of the options available I’m certainly going to try them out when the time comes.