I’ve been loosely following the progress of Double Bear’s Dead State for what seems like at least two years now. The idea behind Dead State is great – it’s a zombie RPG that focuses not only on the advancing hordes of zombies but on the relationships you have with fellow survivors. There isn’t too much in the way of stuff to gawk at on the main website but the forum is very active and has regular posts by the main people driving the project; Brian and Annie Mitsoda. What I love about this project is the openness of the design process – Brian and Annie share their ideas and the community is encouraged to share their own ideas and get involved. It’s great to see these guys taking on what appears to be quite an ambitious project – I genuinely hope it works out for them. I was tempted to call this post ‘You wait ages for one and then two appear’ – the second game I’m referring to is the video game adaptation of The Walking Dead by Telltale – but at this time it’s an unknown quantity because I have no idea how that game is going to play. It could be an RPG given the character-rich source material – but only time will tell. I’m looking forward to both games – but in my heart I’m rooting for Double Bear.