Aladdin on the Sega Mega Drive was (and still is) an amazing game. Created in a very short space of time by David Perry and co. it had a great combination of music, gameplay and graphics. One level stands out for me though – Rug Ride. It was technically considered a bonus stage however, and as such you could only replay it a set number of times upon death before the game automatically progressed onto the next level. Which was a shame, because although I never got to see the end of the level it was something I didn’t mind playing again and again in an attempt to finish it. How many games can boast the same? How often do you get frustrated with a game if you can’t complete the level/boss/challenge in only a couple of tries? Rug Ride, if extrapolated and tarted-up like a whore’s drawers, would probably do quite well as an iPhone App – the key would be to capture the same panic-enducing sense of emergency that makes the level so much fun.