Just wanted to share some initial impressions of Dead Island after finally getting to spend some quality time on Banoi. My initial doubts on the likability of the four main characters proved well founded – a rag-tag group of alcoholic, down and out, foul-mouthed killers with something to prove. I resent having to play as a character that has no redeeming features – so in the end I just went with the firearms expert. Not that I’ve had much use for this expertise as thus far as I’ve only managed to use a combination of paddles and rusty pipes. The combat is very reminiscent of Condemned but the actual movement and weapon management is more cumbersome. It’s something I can live with though. Fighting the zombies is getting a little repetitive, even after a short while – I know a hard-fought journey is the most rewarding in the long run but there’s a lot to be said for short-term unadulterated fun too. I’m hopeful things pick up with the introduction of some guns!