Is it safe to say this term is defunct now? For a lone or independent developer the marketing spend is pretty much zero, while big publishers ear mark millions to spend each year. Games from both sides of the fence will achieve varying levels of success so there’s no real correlation between marketing spend and eventual sales. Even the term ‘spend’ implies it’s a bit of a gamble – otherwise it would be called ‘marketing investment’ no? With an ever-growing amount of content available to people traditional marketing doesn’t really work. People don’t pay attention to ads in the same way they used to and look more towards other people for the content they should be experiencing. We all know this of course, and I’m only really paraphrasing Seth Godin – so what can we do to make our games more likely to hit that sweet spot? Make your game as good as it can be, that’s the obvious one – the second thing involves taking two fingers from one or both hands and crossing them!