Another film popped into my head today. George Romero’s Day of the Dead. While not my favourite zombie film, it would probably make the best film-to-game transition out of any other. It’s a lot easier to visualise the gameplay for a Day of the Dead game than that of The Return of the Living Dead. Firstly,  the film is set in one central location (underground base) and that would serve as the player’s refuge from the zombies. You can then build on this by having characters within the base provide the player with tasks – could be fetch quests, search and rescue missions etc. The helicopter is principal mode of transport when above ground so that would open up the play area (I’m thinking something between Fallout 3’s Capital Wasteland and Dead Island’s Banoi) – and 80’s Miami would be a great location for a game; as perfectly demonstrated by Vice City. Within the base itself you can have three factions struggling for superiority – scientists, soldiers and blue-collars; each dependent on the other but resentful at the same time. The player could then align with one particular faction and the game would evolve from there – shaping the conclusion. Scientists would be aiming to resolve the issue through domestication/neutralisation of the zombies, soldiers would be gearing up for an all-out attack, while the blue-collars might be content with holding-up and seeing how long they can survive.

This stuff is complete fantasy – but if you’ve never thought about how you might turn something you love (like a film or book etc.) into a game – you’re missing out!