There aren’t too many games available where you get to play as the zombie(s). Off the top of my head I can think of only two – Stubbs the Zombie and L4D. I’m sure there are others but unless they are hidden gems there’s probably a good reason I haven’t heard of them. The idea of controlling not one but a whole group of zombies is an interesting one – and a game that sprang to mind the more I thought about it was Katamari Damacy. I think one of the reasons Katamari works so well is that the game effectively rations out the gameplay in such a way that you’re left equally satisfied and frustrated at the end of a round. Watching the Katamari grow is satisfying, but watching as it grows large enough to start doing some real damage as the timer counts down its final seconds is frustrating. This would be an essential element to emulate in any game using a similar mechanic.

The zombie game premise would essentially be the same (albeit a lot gorier than the Prince’s endeavours) – you would start out with a small group of zombies, maybe even one, and then gradually build up the size of the horde allowing you to progress onto bigger and better things. Along the way you would have scaling opposition in the form of have-a-go-heroes, police, military and ultimately some kind of secret government agency. The player’s ultimate aim would be to amass as large a horde as they could and infect an entire continent. But this would develop from humble beginnings in the same way Katamari Damacy does – I’m thinking patient zero could be a child in a playground – controversial maybe – but then that never hurt sales!