I’m off to see the new Fright Night film tonight – well, not new exactly…new remake – I’ve not watched any trailers or read any reviews as I want to walk in with an open mind. The 80’s certainly were a golden period for horror films. My all-time favourite zombie film is The Return of the Living Dead. My all-time favourite vampire film is a tie between Fright Night and The Lost Boys – I really can’t decide which is better so they are both number 1. Generally speaking games should have an easier time of it when being remade – I think principally because people associate the actors with the films and you can’t really reuse them X years later – games don’t have that problem; they’re just making the same characters more detailed.

Some great examples of remakes include Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid for the GameCube. In fact – these were the two games I bought the GameCube for. I remember walking down the high street shortly after purchase and thinking to myself ‘have I just gone back in time five years!?’ Seriously –  they were two of my favourite games on the PlayStation and here I was some years later buying what were essentially the same games (albeit graphical enhancements and gameplay additions). Consumer familiarity drives a lot of purchases – it’s why games like FIFA and Madden refuse to die, why sequels tend to do so well, why licensed content is used like it’s going out of fashion and why for each Angry Birds and Doodle Jump you have a dozen Angry This and Doodle That clones. I can understand why some developers get shirty with the clones – but to be fair it’s not the developers who make the clones who are to blame – it’s us consumers and our need for something new, yet familiar to what we have enjoyed in the past.

That’s why innovation is risky – if you are going to innovate I would suggest innovating a feature of your game rather than aiming for an entirely innovative game. Consider the gravity gun in HL2. It was risky and innovative but it worked because it was only a part of the overall experience – if HL2 was a gravity gun from start to finish it wouldn’t be as good.

So going back to the subject of the remake – what we really want to see is pretty much the same but with all mod cons and a few bells and whistles…not a complete hatchet job (Sega – I’m looking at you..and again).

You’re so cool, Brewster! Trips!