Like HL3 (or just plain ol’ Episode 3) a Half Life movie seems like it’s never going to happen. Well, the games probably will in due course – but the movie isn’t going to happen. There are three reasons for this –

1. Valve, as a games company, are untouchable – they have a Midas touch when it comes to producing quality software. They’d struggle to find a film production partner as good at making movies as they are at making games. So the end result would no doubt produce…unforseen consequences!

2. Gordon Freeman doesn’t talk – so how would you go about casting a character that has no voice – you’d probably piss off half the Half Life fans with the choice you make anyway. On the other hand – the movie could stick closely to game and have a main character that doesn’t talk…but for the movie’s producers – there’d be a certain amount of…apprehension!

3. My personal choice probably wouldn’t work anymore as he’s getting on a bit. But Charlie Sheen circa The Arrival would have been a great actor to play Gordon Freeman. Not only did Mr. Sheen actually look like Gordon in that movie – but it also had a sci-fi riff too. Age isn’t the only thing going against Charlie now though, casting him in light of his recent behaviour would be…questionable ethics!