The artwork for SZB has been coming along nicely these last couple of weeks. The artist and myself have developed a working pattern as such: he works during the day (as he is freelance) and provides an updated build containing new and improved artwork at the end of his day. Since I have a full-time job I get to review his work in the evenings and provide feedback ready for him in the morning. When he works the next day he’ll either focus exclusively on my feedback or defer it in favour of creating new content.

Overall it’s a very good working pattern – I like to know that when he asks me a question or needs an opinion he’s going to get it first thing when he comes to work the next day. There’s nothing worse than waiting around for an answer or decision to be given – or working underneath a cloud of confusion and presumption. Similarly – I like to know that anything I ask for is going to be done within a day or two.

You could probably write a book on communication woes between developers and clients (or at least a dissertation like I did). It’s one of those things that gets touted when things go pear-shaped on a project – but overall I think to be successful at communication you have to be open, provide clear direction, constructive and detailed feedback and don’t spend too long trying to provide it – basically do it as quick as you can. It’s not so bad for me because if I miss a day the artist can work on something else, in a professional development environment those artists, programmers and designers are going to turn up to work regardless. And they will continue to work regardless of whether they have your feedback or not.