In November’s issue of Edge (yes, don’t worry – it is still September) they interview Gears writer Karen Traviss. One question starts with the statement

Zombies have become one of gaming’s biggest clichés.

One of gaming’s biggest clichés? What isn’t a cliché in gaming? As far as I’m concerned everything has been done to death, reheated and then pimped-out once again. It’s not very often you come across an idea that hasn’t been overused – but as Karen alludes to in her reply; it all depends on how it’s done. If every game was released with zombies in it that would probably kill off the industry quicker than E.T. did back in the olden days, but as it stands – there’s plenty of games available without zombies to keep the children happy, and plenty of room left for more zombie games to keep us real men happy too.

Here’s a prediction for you – zombies aren’t going to go away – ever. The games will continue to come in all shapes and sizes – the good, the bad and the ugly.