It all depends on where you place the most value. Is it the initial ideas and concepts or the working levels you get to see and play? Great ideas are just that – ideas – you won’t get anywhere on ideas alone, you need a strong team of designers to convert those ideas into fun, challenging and interesting gameplay concepts. Likewise, a playable level can be as much fun as watching paint dry if either the designers are not interested, or if the tools and editors do not facilitate the design vision.

I’ll admit – I’m an ideas man. Not in the sense that I’m a creative genius (that’s debatable) but just meaning that the idea phase interests me more than the execution (which, conversely, I think is the most important phase). It would be a mistake to place the ideas phase purely with the designers – not because they aren’t capable or interested – but because great ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. If you asked each member of the dev team to provide an anonymous design concept (well almost anonymous – you can always tell a designer has written something as it’s 5000 pages long!) you may find you like the ideas of those people who perhaps do not usually get the opportunity to provide ideas.

In short – accept a good idea when it comes along, regardless of who it comes from – and encourage ideas, feedback and changes from all those working on the project. Maybe not practical on large scale console games – but for iPhone games there’s really no excuse for not throwing caution to the wind.