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I saw this on Kotaku today and I want it bad. It has all the classic games – plus Code Veronica which is the only main Resident Evil game I didn’t manage to complete (I gave up on the blind mutant roof top boss battle). It’s being released in the west as a download version only – but I’d prefer the disc version.

Must find a Japanese reader so they can help me order on the website…still – all the games are in Japanese too so maybe I should just marry a Japanese lady so I can have a full-time translator for when I play the games!

Managed to have a solid four-hour session on the game today. Unfortunately it’s going to be my last day in Banoi for a good few weeks – so I’m making this my semi-official review! I have to say, the melee combat is growing on me now that I’ve pumped some skill points into Combat and found some pretty brutal weapons like heavy brass knuckles and the wrench. The zombie encounters are also becoming more challenging with groups of up to 5 zombies attacking all at once – it becomes a bloody mix of kicking and slashing. And if you look to preserve your weapons a familiar pattern appears – slash, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick. Dead. When at it’s best Dead Island really does shine – once you get access to the pickup truck and the open road the game finds it’s feet after what is a pretty unconvincing start (The first 30 mins of the game pretty much involves raiding suitcases for money and other seemingly useless crap). My favourite missions thus far have been those that utilise the truck and make you roam around for gasoline and orange juice. Some missions on the other hand are completely silly and make you wonder how many hours the designers spent playing Dead Rising – the most annoying of which has to be finding Anne Snider’s teddy bear. It just doesn’t fit and only serves to undermine the tone that the majority of the game strives for. There’s also the issue of doing this mission before discovering her sister further down the coastline with that annoying Russian bitch – that fact that you know Anne is fine and well (especially now she has her teddy-weddy) doesn’t stop her sister setting you the task of finding Anne and seeing if she is ok. Gah! And there’s more moments like this along the journey which is a shame because it detracts from the overall experience. Case in point – I helped Omar get back to the lifeguard base where he gave me a gun – or at least I think he did because I can’t find it in my inventory! These issues aside what we have here is a rough diamond. Those willing to look past the slight blemishes and invest time in exploring and building their character’s skill set will find much to enjoy – the game doesn’t have the same pull that Fallout 3 did but even after a few hours away from Banoi I’m starting to get withdrawal symptoms…it must be infectious! See what I did there?! This game gets a thumbs up from me.

Just wanted to share some initial impressions of Dead Island after finally getting to spend some quality time on Banoi. My initial doubts on the likability of the four main characters proved well founded – a rag-tag group of alcoholic, down and out, foul-mouthed killers with something to prove. I resent having to play as a character that has no redeeming features – so in the end I just went with the firearms expert. Not that I’ve had much use for this expertise as thus far as I’ve only managed to use a combination of paddles and rusty pipes. The combat is very reminiscent of Condemned but the actual movement and weapon management is more cumbersome. It’s something I can live with though. Fighting the zombies is getting a little repetitive, even after a short while – I know a hard-fought journey is the most rewarding in the long run but there’s a lot to be said for short-term unadulterated fun too. I’m hopeful things pick up with the introduction of some guns!

Dead Island is nearly here! And to think – I thought that this year I wouldn’t get to go to the beach on account of starting a new job. Well turns out I not only get the beach, but hordes of lovely zombies too. Take that Skegness!  I’ve just checked out the final trailer prior to release via Kotaku. Looks great and all but the characters still do nothing for me…hopefully I can mute them in-game. More characters should take the Gordon Freeman route and keep their beardy mouths shut.

Limbo is a perfect example of how a game can capture your imagination. The type of game that can sell itself on a screenshot alone. As soon as I saw this game I knew I had to play it. I picked it up on Steam for £6.99 and completed it in about 3 evenings of play. Story and characters are implied rather than force-fed – which is good, the game just throws you in at the deep end and doesn’t haul you out until the very end. I’m all for that nowadays – a lot of AAA games can take a while to get going – but Limbo doesn’t suffer from that and it maintains an even pace throughout. At its core Limbo is a puzzle game and while the puzzles never progress beyond mildly challenging, the journey from start to finish is enjoyable enough to make you want to play through to the end. There are some genuinely tense moments in gameplay and the method and frequency at which death can occur is both entertaining and disturbing in equal measures.

Verdict: Thumbs up!

+ Nice art style – the layered back/foregrounds are really well implemented with the fogging around the edges of the screen really draw you into the fairytale style environment

+ Pacing – the game is really well balanced throughout with a wide variety of puzzles being constantly thrown at you

+ Spider boss – the standout creature from the game. It’s just a shame it wasn’t used more

– disjointed settings – the game goes from forest to industrial to urban and back again – a part of me thinks the game would be better if set entirely in the forest environment.

– Spawn points – minor criticism really; but on some of the longer puzzles, where death might occur in the middle, it would have been good to spawn at the point before you died rather than going back to the start of the puzzle entirely.