Super Zombie Bowl – America’s bloodiest sport of the future!


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A few years from now…
Super Zombie Bowl is set in the near future – when all sports are naturally going to include lots of death for the amusement of others. SZB is the most popular sport on TV – and generates huge income for the corrupt TV corporation and government through ad revenue and gambling. You take on the role of Jessie. Before the zombie outbreak Jessie was a mega star of the NLF (which is just like the NFL, but spelt differently to avoid copyright infringement) – but now he is reduced to running through hordes of zombies and risking life and limb. No one has ever made it out alive – will Jessie be the first?

There are four game modes in SZB
Zombie Zone: it’s all about the highest score – so get those power-ups and ramp up that killstreak!
Running Man: only yards count in this mode – how far can you get before you become lunch?
Babe Magnet: rescue the cheerleaders… lucky for them zombies prefer brains over blondes!
Total Carnage: 30 seconds of all out gunishment – shoot everything in sight!

Each mode has 10 achievements to get. Can you get them all?


SZB trivia: referees make great meat shields!

About SZB…
I’ve been working on and off (mostly off) on this game for about 5 years now – using just under £6K of my own savings and being helped along the way by some really talented people.

I did my best to find any bugs in the game. If I missed any – please report them in the comments below or on the Google/Apple sites. I’ll look into getting them fixed.

If you are playing the game in a language other than English and have comments regarding the localisation – I’d be glad to hear your opinion!

If you are interested in how the game was made and where the money went – please read the postmortem!

Let’s play!